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Why Choose Red Top Taxi?


Red Top is the only taxi company in Guelph that:

  • Offers a smartphone App and online booking that connects customers directly to our automated dispatch system

  • Offers 24/7 Mobility service

  • Includes security cameras in ALL of our vehicles to ensure customer and driver safety (see privacy policy for more info)

  • Sends an automated text message when your car is on its way

  • Sends you an automated phone call when your cab arrives

  • Accepts debit and credit card in ALL of our vehicles

  • Accepts the University of Guelph student card

  • Mandates that ALL vehicles in our fleet be outfitted with snow tires for the winter

  • Uses real-time GPS tracking of our vehicles for safety and quality control

  • Utilizes G-force sensors in our vehicles to ensure safe driving habits 

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