Contest Details


Prizes will be awarded monthly from September 2019-June 2020.  Winners will be chosen and contacted no later than the 15th of the following month (eg September's winners will be chosen and contacted no later than October 15th).


Entry and Qualifications

Entry into the contest will be automatic with every account creation and completed trip booked through the Red Top Taxi app or online at  To book trips through the app or online, customers must sign up for a Red Top Taxi app account and agree to any required permissions and Terms of Service.  Every created account and completed trip counts for one entry into the prize draw.  Only Red Top customers who book trips through the Red Top Taxi app are eligible for the prize draw and each customer may only win one prize per month.  Shareholders, employees, and contractors of Red Taxi, and immediate family thereof, are not eligible for entry into the contest.  Those chosen in the prize draw will be required to answer a skill-testing question to claim their prize. 

Prizes, Notification, and Payment 

Monthly prizes will consist of 1 prize of $300.00 (cash) and 8 prizes of $25.00 value (cash or gift card).  Winners will be notified by phone, text, and/or email using the contact information in their Red Top Taxi app profile.  Winners will be given 15 days to respond to Red Top Taxi.  They will then be provided with a skill-testing question which must be answered correctly to claim their prize.  If after 15 days there is no reply, the prize will be forfeited.  Cash prizes will be paid in the form of cheque or e-transfer.  Gift cards will be delivered by mail or made available for pickup at Red Top Taxi.   

Method of Prize Draw

Prizes will be determined randomly using Microsoft Excel.  Created accounts and completed trips booked through the Red Top Taxi app or online will be downloaded in Excel and the RANDBETWEEN function will be used to pick prize winners, beginning with the $300 winner.  If a customer's name is chosen after they have already been chosen for a prize that month, they will be skipped and a new random name will be selected.  The list of created accounts and completed trips booked through the Red Top Taxi app and online will be determined using data from TaxiHail and Mobile Knowledge.  Red Top Taxi takes no responsibility for any inaccurate information due to technical difficulties, user error, or any error that is beyond the control of Red Top Taxi. 

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